KDM 2nd Grade Visits Station 5
By News Desk
May 24, 2023

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, The East Whiteland Fire Company was visited by the K.D. Markley Elementary School's 2nd graders to learn about fire safety and what we do here at Station 5!

Students were able to learn about fire safety, tour some of our trucks, see firefighters in full turnout gear, and even get to see one of their teachers using our forcible entry door prop with the help of Firefighter/EMT D. Lotz.

The 2nd graders graciously donated $1031.50 that they raised through Pencil-Grams to the Fire Company! Thank you for your donation and for visiting Station 5!

A special thanks to the East Whiteland Township Police Department and the East Whiteland Fire Company Fire Police that made sure the 2nd graders were able to travel safely on their walk to Station 5 from K.D. Markley.

Want to see the video of a 2nd-grade teacher using our forcible entry door prop? Visit our Facebook page!