Turnpike Incident 05-03-2022
By EWFC News Desk
May 4, 2022

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at 17:35 hours (5:35 pm) The East Whiteland Fire Company (Station 5) along with a MICU from the Malvern Fire Company (Station 4) were alerted to an accident with reported entrapment on the Eastbound side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Upon dispatch, Rescue 5, Ambulance 5-2, and MICU 4-1 responded. During the response, Rescue 5 was alerted that there were multiple vehicles involved, this prompted Rescue 5 to request an additional rescue and MICU to respond. The Chester County Communications Center then dispatched Engine 68-1 from the Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company (Station 68) and a MICU from West End Fire and EMS (Station 67/68) to respond. When Rescue 5 arrived on scene, Captain 5-C reported heavy entrapment, requested all units continue to the scene, and established command, this brought in an ambulance from the Goshen Fire Company (Station 54/65) who was staging, to the scene. Chief 5 then requested Rescue 47 from the Lionville Fire Company (Station 47) to respond to assist with extrication. MICU 4-1 and command then requested Chester County Communications put a medical evacuation helicopter on standby. Shortly after, command asked for the Pennsylvania Turnpike to be shut down in both Eastbound and Westbound lanes and asked that the medical evacuation helicopter be brought airborne and continue to the scene. PennStar1 was the medical evacuation helicopter brought in. At 18:13 Hours (6:13 pm) command announced that extrication was complete and shortly after PennStar1 landed on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Crews worked on the scene for approximately 1 hour before clearing.

Mutual Aid: Malvern Fire Company (Station 4), Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company (Station 68), West End Fire and EMS (Station 67/68), Goshen Fire Company (Station 54/65), Lionville Fire Company (Station 47), PennStar1, Pennsylvania State Police.