Busy Morning for Station 5
By News Desk
November 12, 2021

On Friday, November 12th, 2021, The East Whiteland Fire Company responded to 7 calls over a 2.5hour time period. The calls consisted of 2 vehicle fires and 5 automobile accidents, one of which involved an overturned dump truck with entrapment.

At 07:41 hours, Station 5 was alerted to a vehicle fire in the area of Spring Meadow Farm Lane in Charlestown Township. East Whiteland Car 1 arrived and confirmed that there had been a small fire in the engine compartment that had been extinguished by the owner. Rescue 5 and East Whiteland Car 1 made the response and operated on the scene for an additional 10 minutes before clearing.

Starting at 08:42 hours, Station 5 was dispatched to multiple BLS accidents that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. One of these accidents was then upgraded to possible entrapment, ambulance 5-1 arrived on the scene, and confirmed that the driver was trapped in an overturned dumped truck that left the turnpike and proceeded over the embankment. Ambulance 5-1, Ambulance 5-2, Engine 5, Rescue 5, East Whiteland Car 1, Chief 5, Engine 68-1, MICU 4-1, and Ladder 4 all made the response. The crews operated on the scene for about 2.5 hours.
Due to the number of incidents at this time Intermediate Ambulance 87-1 was also dispatched to help provide ambulance coverage to the other accidents that had occurred. At this time East Whiteland Command asked for standby companies to be put in place at Station 5. West Whiteland Fire Company (Station 6) and Good Fellowship EMS (Station 55) were dispatched and responded to Station 5 to cover the first due local.

At 09:59 hours, Rescue 6 was dispatched to Northbound Route 202 for a tractor-trailer fire. Tanker 5, Ladder 4, and Chief 5 responded along with Rescue 6. Units arrived on the scene to find an 18-wheeler with a small fire in the rear wheels. The fire was extinguished using a fire extinguisher and crews operated on the scene for around another 20 minutes before clearing.

We would like to thank Uwchlan EMS, Malvern Fire/EMS, Valley Forge Fire Company, Good Fellowship Ambulance, and West Whiteland Fire Company for assisting us with our busy morning.

Units: Ambulance 5-1, Ambulance 5-2, Engine 5, Rescue 5, Tanker 5, East Whiteland Car 1, and Chief 5
Mutual Aid: Malvern Fire Company (Station 4), Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company (Station 68), Uwchlan Ambulance Corps (Station 87), West Whiteland Fire Company (Station 6), and Good Fellowship Ambulance & EMS Training Institute (Station 55)