Member Recognition - Dalton Lotz
By Emergency Medical Tech Brennan Judge
March 29, 2021

Rescue 5 participated in picture day for the Octorara Homeland & Protective Services Academy for Octorara High School at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus.

The student attending from East Whiteland Fire Company is Dalton Lotz.

The Octorara Homeland & Protective Services Academy allows high school students in Chester County to participate in a three-year PA Department of Education approved Career Program of Study. The course prepares cadets for careers in law enforcement, corrections, pre-hospital emergency medical care, emergency management, military services, and firefighting. The program requires cadets to wear uniforms and focuses on discipline and teamwork in a para-military environment. Through the program, cadets can earn State and National job-related certifications, many of which are required for entry-level positions directly upon graduation. The intent is to train qualified, competent, and professional emergency first responders. Students are exposed to mentors and representatives in a variety of careers related to these fields almost daily. The program requires cadets to join and participate at their local volunteer fire company to enhance learning and hone skills for testing.