Halloween Safety 2020
By News Desk K.M.K.
October 31, 2020

Ghosts and monsters will be roaming the streets tonight, make sure you help protect those ghouls and monsters by following some precautions and safety tips.

Respect your neighbors
If a house is partaking in Halloween, the typical signal is that the light over the door is on. This year especially, we ask that you respect your neighbor's wishes not to partake in Halloween. We also ask that you respect any additional safety precautions that neighbors have specified.

Stay safe and stay visible
Halloween brings out dark costumes that can blend in with the dark of night. If you're driving anywhere, please drive slowly and provide enough room to safely pass trick or treaters. Make sure you turn your headlights on so you are visible to trick or treaters and they are visible to you. For those who are partaking in trick or treating tonight, you'll want to listen to this part. You can help drivers see you by wearing some bright or reflective clothing. If you don't own any reflective clothing, that's alright. Make yourself visible using what you have on hand; many residents opt to use glowsticks and flashlights to increase visibility.

COVID-19 and Halloween
The goal this evening is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The same standard precautions that we have been practicing for the past several months still apply. If you are sick or have had contact with an individual who is sick, please stay home and don't hand out candy. Wear a mask (costume masks don't count, sorry, Mr. Vorhees) and limit the amount of contact you have with others outside the home. The Chester County Health Department recommends that trick or treaters stay within their neighborhoods this year and not travel to that neighborhood that's giving out the king-size candy bars. The Chester County Health Department also recommends that those handing out candy wear a mask, wash their hands with soap and water often, and to put candy on a table, wall, or fence for children to take.

Every one of our residents plays a crucial role in keeping our community safe and healthy, and we want to thank you for doing your part to ensure a safe, healthy, and ghoulish Halloween.

Hyperlinks: Chester County Health Department Halloween Guidance