East Whiteland Building Fund Underway
By News Desk K.M.K.
June 25, 2020

The East Whiteland Fire Company Building Fund Drive is underway and residents should be receiving a letter in their mailboxes.

Our building is the heart of our operation and we pay for it thanks to your generous donations. Our volunteers respond to emergencies from our building. We train here so we are ready to respond to your emergency - whatever it is. We store equipment here so we can provide you the best services that you can receive in your time of need. We hope we can count on you in our time of need.

A popular misconception is that we are completely funded with your tax dollars.

We are a volunteer fire company. We only receive a small portion of our funding from East Whiteland and Charlestown Townships and therefore we must rely heavily on our residents and businesses to continue to provide these services.

Please Note: On average - less than 5% of residents and business owners donate to this cause. Business owners: Can you imagine if only 5% of your customers paid you this year?

We are asking you to support our brave men and women volunteers who respond when any member of our community is in need.

We always answer your call for help. Now, we are in need of your help!

Thank you again for your continued support of your volunteer fire association. Please remember to support the businesses that are supporting the volunteers of our community. (See attached photos)

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